Amy Smyth

Once again, Jordan has opened its doors to neighbouring refugees. This time, over 1.5 million Syrian refugees have made their way across its borders. Only 612,000 are UN registered and over half of them are children. With limited resources, a suffering economy and a small population already made up of 50% refugees, the Jordanian Government has no choice but cut back support to their new residents.

Unicef and Save the Children have produced sobering reports on the impact of conflict on children and the social economic consequences of trauma and years out of education. These children have been coined ‘The Lost Generation’ of Syrian children, those who find themselves in a state of flux, disrupted and disturbed, and having lost years of their childhood to war.

As migration to Europe reaches crisis point, at the core of this issue are the futures of millions of children. These images are the starting point of a longer body of work, that documents the lives of four children who find themselves living in Jordan having fled Syria and the challenges they face.



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