Anna Wallington

Living in the age of the commodity, it is easy to dismiss the environmental footprint that our habits leave. Most businesses offer a wide range of goods and are making them convenient by using handy packaging which readily leads to large amounts of waste. Recently, some of them have changed to more eco-friendly versions using paper instead of plastic and a variety of recycled materials. In spite of that the problem still exists.

‘Refuse’ focuses on the problem of overconsumption by accentuating daily waste produced by businesses in central London. The images presented in the project were made in the evening when most of the offices closed and bags filled with rubbish were dumped on the streets. I juxtaposed the stillness of waste to people, cars and busses passing by. I want to draw the viewer’s attention to the problem of overconsumption by removing the rubbish from the photograph leaving a blank space to provoke a debate and possibly change the way people consume.

Having started my photography career photographing events, I gradually found passion in music photography, focusing on the underground electronic music scene of London. This MA enabled me to broaden my horizons and evolve my practice, centering it around environmental problems.


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