Bernard Teo

Operation Stingray

Walking almost 200km in and around Central London looking for IMSI catchers also known, as ‘Stingrays’ was no mean feat. It has been reported that a number of them were detected tapping on people’s mobile phones but astoundingly, the Metropolitan Police Department neither confirmed nor deny their possession or operations of these devices. So who is actually stealing information from us?

This issue has been discussed several times in the last few years but only very recently did Edward Snowden release information that GCHQ actually has these capabilities. Even the UK government is currently debating a draft investigatory powers bill to allow intelligence operatives to remotely activate functions on our mobiles.

My images explore the idea of being spied on in two ways. Firstly, of how someone creeps up behind to steal from you. Secondly the outright leaching of your possessions without your knowledge. It portrays everyday items with a little more suspicion helping one see the invisible.
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