Caro Hutchings

Democratic Landscape

‘Marathon was not the end but only a prelude to a far greater struggle’
Plutarch Life of Themistocles 75 A.C.E

The road to democracy has always been fractured and its reality never simple. The original marathon route runs between the town of Marathonos and the city of Athens, totaling a distance of 42.2km (26.2miles) Greece has been going through a major political and economic crisis for the last 5 years, most recently completing their third national election in 2015 alone. The stability of democracy is being constantly questioned as living with austerity for this long is taking its toll on the Greeks’ attitude towards the state and even each other. Democratic Landscape is an observation of a journey along the marathon path during the latest general election with the road, polling booths and its landscape playing a central role in illustrating a place in crisis.

My practice is often centred around the act of walking and documenting the environment and circumstances that we are surrounded by. My current project is continuing this theme, documenting ancient roads and paths around the British Isles.


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