Dede Leydorf

The Soul of Common Things

Since my childhood, autoimmune disease has been my companion. Emotion and surrealism drive my images that depict the subconscious of my illness experience.

I aim take the viewer into moments of seizure disorientation and back again to clarity, filtered through the distorted lens of memory. I integrate my memories of pain, confusion, embarrassment and fear through the camera, reliving the time when I walked down the halls of my former middle school, where I had daily episodes of seizure and the severe spasms of tetany. I also psychologically depict my childhood neighborhood and the horseback riding stable where I found strength and escapism. These photographic projections, fused with my present day acceptance, speak to the soul and my experience.

Ultimately, The Soul of Common Things illustrates the universal human experience of finding meaning through suffering.

The Soul of Common Things:



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