Graeme Weston

As it is

As it is is a study of the lay practice of Vipassana meditation*, an ancient secular technique of observing reality as it really is, which has its roots in the teachings of Buddha. The study documents the regular meditation practice of individuals in their own homes and workspaces. It is a demonstration of how students of this tradition fit this practice into their lives, quite literally. It is also a document of the meditation technique itself: a study of those in the process of meditation. In essence, it is a study of stillness.

The project comprises of a ten minute film entitled As it is (stillness in motion) depicting nine students of the Vipassana tradition meditating, accompanied by a series of environmental portraits of the same participants meditating in their regular place. The film, presented as a matrix of meditators, is pared down to the absolute minimum, emphasising the solitary nature of their common practice; only small movements betray that time is passing, and that the evident stillness is in fact in constant motion.

* As taught by S.N. Goenka.
07545 140 012




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