Jadwiga Brontē

Invisible People Of Belarus

‘Invisible People of Belarus’ documents the lives of disabled people and Chernobyl victims living in governmental institutions called ‘Internats’ which are something between an asylum, orphanage and hospice.

Internats are hidden from public view, and even some Belarusians themselves are unaware of their existence. These are places where tens of thousands of people spend their entire lives. People considered by the Belarusian government as ‘different’ can be removed from the streets and taken away from civilisation forever.

Those institutions became a subject of folklore legends and made a stigma on their residents. These photos are a story of those people as human beings; as people who suffer and struggle against injustice everyday life; and as people who look after each other, build long lasting friendships, and even fall in love.

These invisible people stay invisible. There may be nobody to remember them after all, and a picture might be the only proof of their existence.



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