James Hadfield

Keep On Moving

Indonesia and motorbikes: it’s a love affair. As is my fascination with the humble two wheeled machine. With a population of over 200 million, 13,000 islands, and over 700 hundred languages spoken, perhaps the one thing most people have in common is the motorcycle. In a country on the move with aspirations for its future, the motorcycle is providing the masses with the means to improve their lives and get to the next destination. From the mega city of Jakarta to the idyllic islands with no cars or roads, motorcycles are never far away in Indonesia.

Getting the chance to explore this for my major project was a real privilege and something I never though I would be doing.My loving parents never allowed me to have a motorbike as a youngster. With my desire to get out there and expose myself to new things in life, motorcycles, photography, and Indonesia seemed a great combination.

I always want to enjoy the experience when I’m shooting and this way of thinking has a direct impact on what I want to see and do. This is my philosophy: Just have fun whilst making photography and people will enjoy it. That’s great photography. This is how I’m rolling.


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