Leopold De Croy

On the 19th of August 2015 an altercation along the Colombia-Venezuela border led to the deaths of three Venezuelan border guards. President Maduro used this opportunity to close the border and begin expelling Colombian migrants accusing them of being involved in the smuggling of illegal contraband.

Over 20,000 Colombians were either expelled or forced to flee the country, carrying their possessions on their backs across the river Tachira. The Venezuelan government declared that any child born in Venezuela is a citizen and therefore cannot leave the country, forcing families to flee illegally or lose their children. Many had been refugees before and the conflict in Colombia makes it difficult for many to return to their Colombian homes for fear of violent repercussions. Thus, the Colombian refugees were placed in refugee camps along the border.

This project tells the story of the final days of government aid during a crisis that will probably never end. This is project is a visual record of the final citizens of Interferias, the last of these camps.

My documentary practice is an attempt to tell stories on those affected by conflict and its aftermath and my current project is the final part of a project in Colombia about those displaced by the conflict.




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