Maya Llamazares

Small Tales of a Sinking City is a project that depicts some of the major social and political injustices affecting Mexico City today. It contains 5 stories portraying the city’s poverty, the struggles of the indigenous tribes and the government’s corruption, all of which have a drastic impact on many of the city’s inhabitants. Unfortunately, these issues are often ignored by the mainstream media and, in my opinion, work of this nature highlights the importance of photojournalistic projects. Just like the title, my project explores brief tales of different people in a city that is literally sinking, inch by inch, back into its foundations. However, it is not just the literal sinking of the city that is taking place, as the same sensation is metaphorically mimicked by the lives of those explored. Although the main focus of the project is to highlight awful truths I also maintained a thread of positivity in showing that people can remain strong, loving and hopeful – despite their unfortunate circumstances.

Maya’s Website



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