Nana Arbova

Emniyet Tercüme – Reliable Translation

This project follows young people as they navigate their way through Istanbul’s hot summer days and nights. It explores what it means to be young and form an identity in a complex and diverse city. Istanbul is the fulcrum of the delicate balance between Europe and Asia, Christianity, secularism and Islam. It manages to be one of the most beautiful cities on earth while accommodating huge and constant change. In the last 50 years the city’s population has grown from 450,000 to 15 million and Turkey now has the highest number of young people in Europe. How does youth culture evolve in such a dynamic environment and at a time when the country’s political climate is so volatile? This work aims to give a glimpse into the lives of youth in this predominantly Muslim and rapidly globalizing city while challenging perceptions and stereotypes.

I’m interested in exploring the idea of a city as a psychic space made up of many individual realities while finding ways to show scale and complexity.


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