Rahman Hassani

Light in the Darkest Place

My project demonstrates the current electricity crisis in Iraq after experiencing a long-term, egregious and unsolicited war in recent decades. Nowadays, Iraqi society faces significant issues of terrorism, corruption and deprivation.

However, Iraq’s power issues have been one of the weakest facets of the countries infrastructure for a considerable amount of time. All Iraq’s infrastructure suffered as a result of the 2003 American invasion but electricity was dealt the most significant blow, making the countries provision of power the most challenging infrastructural issue for the government to address. Being of paramount importance to economic development, electricity supply all over the country is still unstable and non-reliable.

According to local sources Iraqi households receive and use national electricity in a very restricted way, with the government only able to supply an extremely limited service at particular times. Iraqi people receive about eight hours of electricity supply a day and, if this is not enough, they must resort to the use of small generators either of their own or shared with neighbours.

This project focuses on the harsh life of Iraqi people and their daily struggle with the lack of electricity and the consequences it creates.



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