Sara Sallam

The Invisible: Faith as a Phenomenon

The invisible has disappeared. It has vanished from our field of vision. Driven towards clarity, those left behind find themselves in an enduring state of turmoil with questions asked and no answers found. In search for what they have lost, an uncertainty haunts their quests to unravel the unknown.

The Invisible: faith as a phenomenon, takes the form of a poetic visual novel where a 1986 unresolved Missing Person case in London is interwoven with a mystical tale from the mountains of Sinai. In investigating the riddling disappearance of sixteen year-old K., it questions the relationship between seeing, searching and believing. Years have passed, and still his sister searches in longing to see his face. This frustrating pursuit acts as an example, exploring the paradoxical notion of faith which places a blind trust in unprovable invisibility. The fragility and strength of faith appear in the blurred interplay between the real and the imagined. Photography, similarly, is challenged when faced with the impossibility of depicting what remains imperceptible.

Within the project is an invitation to search for concealed meanings amidst streams of images and poetry, following an unsettled hunt for an obscured truth.
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