Theo Mclnnes

Socialism or Die

You’ve heard it before: Cuba is changing. The country has found itself trapped in the same totalitarian regime for near six decades and now rests at a pivotal point in its turbulent history. At the hands of Raul Castro the country has started to embrace aspects of the capitalist system and re-establish ties with its most prosperous and powerful neighbour, the United States. However, behind the shuttered doors of Cuban society, repression and subjugation fester. This series of images catalogues the stories of those living in the poorer eastern regions of Cuba who continue to suffer at the hands of the Castro regime. From political dissidents who have endured violence in voicing a democratic alternative, to those that persist in the struggle of overcoming the relentless challenges of everyday survival. My work exposes how the state mistreats a significant proportion of its citizens in its bid to subdue systematic change in one of the last surviving communist states.

My documentary practice is centred around telling the stories of those living on the periphery of society. My current project follows the colourful lives of the bare-knuckle boxing community in the United Kingdom.



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