Ronan Yuanfan Xue

On the shore of the Yellow River in Lvliang Mountain, Shanxi Province, there sits an ancient ferrying point—Qikou. Its splendid history has left an indelible imprint on the local culture. People there are indeed sons of the Yellow river. They are hardworking, yet unsophisticated
I visited Qikou in 2005 as a high school student. Unfamiliar with photography at the time I started to sketch, merely having a pencil at my disposal. The town was quite primitive at the time, with no internet service, direct drinking water, access to showers, minimal infrastructure and strict quotas on the provision of power. The people there led simple and diligent lives. Over the past ten years the town has witnessed intensified protection and development from the government, bringing its people closer to the outside world. Stone pavements and highways were built, shortening the journey from the nearby city from six hours to three. Internet also arrived in Qikou which introduced the wider world to the residents there, leading to some pursuing lives outside of the small river settlement. As a photographer, I was now able to witness the changes that had taken place over the last decade by recording my experience through a different medium.



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